Fishing and Shooting

Scatwell House is located in the center of the Highlands, the largest region in all of Scotland, which in turn is the least populated of all its regions. In this infinity of topography, we find the ideal habitat of all the species that inhabit it.

There are many rivers, streams, burns and lochs which are ideal for different types of fishing. The principle catch are salmon, sea trout, and brown trout.

The River Connon passes a few hundred meters from the Scatwell Gardens and the Beauly River gives its name to the town which is twenty minutes away. Somewhat further away we can find the rivers Brora Deveron and Spey all famous fishing rivers. The dam, upstream of the Connon, allows fishing from its banks or by boat, as well as Lake Achiltibuy, just ten minutes from the house.

The beginning of the fishing season is in April, until the end of October. It is not difficult to obtain permits.

Also for the hunting enthusiasts, we are surrounded by glens, valleys and hills, where many species of small game are raised in these open spaces; such as the famous grouse, pheasant, duck varieties, partridge, fellowship, sands, hares and rabbits, etc.

The Red Deer and the Roe Deer, inhabit the many forests and hills that surround us and constitute a wide variety of different natural landscapes where you can enjoy the company of the traditional game keepers who know the terrain well and will help guests enjoy the full stalking experience on the remote Highlands.

The shooting season is also very wide, as it begins in April for the roe deer, the famous “glorious twelve” of August for the grouse, which by that time stalking is already open for the red deer. The season ends on October 20 for the males and for the hinds the end of January. And from the beginning of October, the season is open for the rest of the allowed game birds until the end of January.

Careful planning is required in advance for hunting groups.

With enough time in advance, different alternatives and varieties can be managed for hunting groups. It is recommended to do it before the end of the year for the following year’s season.