Function Rooms

Space, Comfort and Elegance in Scotland

The peace and quiet of Scatwell House provides the ideal setting for your corporate event, business meeting, family or friends, whether for a day out or a multi-day residential event.

We have elegantly decorated and fully equipped rooms (furniture and utensils). In addition, you can hire our cook to make your stay even more special and relaxing.

If you have any questions or want to start organizing your event, fill out our form and we will get back to you.

Living Room

Exclusive dining room with 60 square meters, is ideal for intimate events, meals and meetings with family and friends.

With access to the kitchen and fully equipped, It has free WIFI available in some bedrooms and common areas. It has large windows with beautiful views of the garden so that natural light enters and thus create an ideal atmosphere.

A place prepared for you to enjoy good times, both professional and private.

Piano and Music Room

The Piano Room has 41 square meters. The decorative elements and furniture have an elegant aesthetic, which gives a distinguished touch to the events / meetings held here.

As the name implies, it has a piano, fireplace, reading material, free WIFI available in some bedrooms and common areas, and windows overlooking the garden that achieve a uniform and pleasant lighting.

This room is ideal for small family gatherings, or small events, an elegant, quiet and comfortable place.

Billiard and Game Room

The billiard room has 37 square meters, with another adjacent room of 32 square meters.

This space is ideal for lovers of English billiards and for all kinds of meetings and events. Put your fine shooting skills into practice, and challenge Snooker players through billiards, a powerful tool to disconnect from everything.

Enjoy incredible moments of leisure in this elegant lounge, with two different environments that make it the ideal space.

Oak Room

Elegant and exclusive room of 40 square meters.

A common space where natural light is maximized and inspires warmth and harmony. The perfect place to encourage talk and relationships and friendships. With a varied selection of books in English and Spanish to choose reading during your stay, play a board game, chat, have a drink, watch TV, etc.

It has information on all the activities that can be carried out in the area.

South Wing Hall

Cozy and cozy lounge of 36 square meters.

Ideal for small meetings, both family and business, it offers a space of absolute tranquility and intimacy, with cozy sofas to spend long periods reading, chatting or working, and a window overlooking the garden.