Ancient Grove

Scatwell House Grove and gardens

Scatwell House is really a wonderful destination whatever your purpose. Its gardens are approximately 25 acres and have 52 species of trees from around the world.

You can relax and enjoy beautiful gardens and walks in the woods, rich in flora and fauna. The grounds have a variety of trees from all corners of the world, many of them labeled to aid identification. Some of the most unusual include Lawson Cypress (NW America), Sawara Cypress (Japan), Vilmorins Rowan (W China), Nootka Cypress (Canada), as well as some good examples of the best known as Oak, Beech, Ash, Lime and Elm. (The trees within the gardens and grounds are mentioned in the book “Trees of the Northern Highlands” by John Miller.

Scottish wall garden

Scatwell has on his north west part of the garden an old wall garden where you might find apple trees, raspberries, and some other fruit trees. Inside this you can feel like in the 13th century when the garden was built.

Wooden house garden

A small place on top of our gardens where you can hear the chirping of the eagles and birds that have their nest and do leave during the whole year. 

Right before dinner, go up the stairs that lead to the hideout and get lost for a while.

Scottish forest inside our Guest House

Old big trees that came from all over the world to grow up and take care of Scatwell